Hyperbaric Oxygen News

Hyperbaric Medical Center has been healing patients with oxygen, professionalism, science and compassion since 1998 at Los Angeles area. Now we are proudly located in the Santa Barbara Riviera since 2004.

The Hyperbaric Medical Center (HMC) is a facility that specializes in the applications of hyperbaric oxygenation and the potentially recoverable illnesses. Treating traumatic brain injury, wound healing, autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, anoxic encephalopathy, multiple sclerosis patients, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chemical poisoning, post-surgery patients, radio necrosis, circulatory problems, sport injuries, diabetic foot, anxiety, stress, just to mention some.

Latest researches from important universities around the world confirm the results achieved at our Hyperbaric Med Center and makes it is obvious that the future of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy will be in the fields of neurology, immunology, toxicology, traumatology, wound care, rehabilitation, anti-aging & surgery, among some important applications.

Hyperbaric Oxygen has the unique ability to cross the blood brain barrier and saturate the cerebrospinal fluid with oxygen, even in the absence of appropriate blood flow, reactivate dormant, idling neurons (brain cells) and create new capillary (tiny blood vessels) growth, thus healing the brain.

Hyperbaric oxygen is simply a more efficient delivery system for oxygen, the most crucial element to life on earth and to every cell of the human brain and body. Thus, the cost effectiveness of this approach to brain & body injury in both the adult and the child is phenomenal.

“Hyperbaric oxygen adhering to all the gas laws of physics delivers free molecular oxygen to the cells for immediate metabolic use without energy exchange, even with compromised circulation.”
– Edward Teller PhD (Father of the Hydrogen Bomb)

“HBOT stimulates collagen and fibrinogen production, this is the reason why plastic surgeons recommend its use before and after surgery, laser treatments, or any other cosmetic procedures.”

“Hyperbaric O2 therapy, the application of pure oxygen under pressure to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.”